A great day…

Today I pulled on this cute little denim wrap skirt I own but never seemed to be able to pull off. It fits better than ever now, so I wore it while finishing up my day. I’ll have to pull it out again sometime soon when I have an excuse to wear something casual and fun!

After a full and productive Sunday, I’m heading to bed. Got the laundry folded finally, but the TV wasn’t holding my attention so I’m shutting ‘er down.

Going to read a few pages of Shogun, and see how quickly I can drift off tonight.

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18 years ago

government can be so stuffy sometimes!

glad to hear it fit better than ever wohoo you!!

Trish McCourt
18 years ago

I am having major issues with this blog. i tired to reply on my lunch break, but it didn’t post.

Anyway. I can’t see much fun in Cadpat. As for everyday wear, unfortunately I work in a government office which hosts many meetings including some with the Minister. Even on dress-down Fridays I don’t think I could get away with a short denim wrap skirt (too short / too fun!)

18 years ago

Shogun, great book, great miniseries.

Every day is a day to wear something casual and fun!!
Well it should be anyway, CADPAT can be fun….