It’s been a long time since I blogged in any regularity. I’d like to turn things around. Writing once was a great outlet for me.

For those who follow my ramblings elsewhere, you’ll know this has been a challenging time. I’m not anywhere near fit anymore, and I am struggling to stay on top of the smallest routine. So much for Spirit, Balance and Harmony. The spirit side of things has definitely gone the wayside. But I can’t possibly have balance and harmony with the approach I’ve been taking.

First things first, get the work situation under control and get back in the saddle/running shoes. These are the top two priorities, then to follow the plan that was outlined just a few short weeks ago.

For accountability I will attest here and now that my day off to myself must START with good breakfast, a short writing session, then a run and/or bike and/or swim. Once this happens I can hopefully get back into some semblance of routine that includes such activities regularly, if not daily.

I don’t know why it has become so difficult for me to keep my priorities straight, but I know how this lack of discipline has had an impact on my mental state. If I am going for over-all well-being, I am WAY off track right now.

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