50BookPledge/Book1: “Knit the Season”


Knit the Season” – Kate Jacobs

~a review

As part of the #50bookpledge I am going to review every book I read in 2012 with BIG hopes of reading and reviewing 50 books this year.

This is the first of the print books I have finished, however I do have a couple of ebooks I read this week and also intend to review.

Knit The Season was the third book in a series/trilogy(?) of a knitting club brought together by the fabulous Georgia Walker. Each book has its side stories of the different characters involved and how their lives are all intertwined, initially due to their relationship with Georgia. Friday Night Knitting Club was the first and by far my favourite. Something seems to be lost in each proceeding book, with Knit Two and then “Knit the Season”. However, if looking for a light friendly read. These are great ones to pick up.


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