Book list for 2017… (Books read so far)

I used to document each  book I’ve read and responses to them. I’d like to get back to that. Once I get caught up, I may work backwards and share some of the responses I’ve had to books I’ve already read this year.

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To start I’ll share my book list read so far in 2017:


, Sheila Watt-Cloutier

, Rajiv Surendra

, Kristin Hannah

, Karyn L. Freedman

, Robert J. Sawyer

, Andre Alexis

, Gretchen Reuben

, Sarah Blake

, Marian Keyes

, Dave Kerpen

, Tami Stackelhouse

, Simon Sinek

, Greg Morgtenson

, Nia Vardalos

, Trevor Noah

, Linden MacIntyre

, Tami Stackelhouse

, Linden MacIntyre

, Malika Oufkir

, Nicholas Sparks


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