It’s been a week!
This has been one crazy week, with trips back andforth to Fredericton and Yarmouth. I put a lot of miles on that little van in the last few weeks…
Busy, busy, busy… finalizing things, and starting fresh. The girls arrived at their new “part-ment” yesterday after I picked them up – and we had a nice visit with a bunch of old friends.
Got to see four of my best friends from highschool, and all of their kids and spouses!
I got out for a few runs this week. The first was probably a bit too long, began to feel it in my knee towards the end. the next two I kept short and felt great. Dieing to get out for a longer one again… Gotta sort out my options and come up wiht a plan. 🙂

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Trish McCourt
17 years ago

Thanks Deb, mostly it’s just a matter of adjusting to the new routine.

17 years ago

I hope things settle down for you quickly!