Race: The Canadian Sprint Tri, Ottawa, ON, 1 Sept. 2007

Place: 201 of 269 Bib # 811 Total time: 1:58:31

Women 30-34: 16/25

Women: 64/110

750M Swim: 204/269 Time: 16:58 Pace/100M: 2:16

30km Bike: 155/269 Time: 1:03:15 Pace km/h: 28.5

5km run: 230/269 Time: 28:42 Pace min per km: 5:45

T1: 6:37 (includes a 500m run from swim to Tzone and another 200m run from Tzone to bike mount line)

T2: 3:01 (argh! Overzealous volunteer! โ€“ see below)

This was a great event. I only have two complaints. One really could have cost me. First, the swim start was rather disorganized and the buoys not the best markers of the swim course. The lead swimmers off the first wave of our race, were nearly bulldozed by our third wave start. Second, a volunteer tried to send me all the way around outside of the actual race course when I attempted to exit transition for the run out! He was insistent, forcing me to turn around then suddenly calling me back asking if I was starting the run portion of my tri! Ack!

Ottawa is certainly a great place for multi-sports, this could even be motivation for a move someday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

About my event.

I am getting faster at doing breaststroke! ๐Ÿ™‚ My pace has gone from 2:49, to 2:32 to the present 2:15! I have resigned myself to possibly needing to always swim breaststroke, which means Iโ€™ll almost never be competitive at this, but heck I never have been a competitive athlete anyway. Why ruin a good thing?

My bike segment rocked! Ian put his areo bars on my bike a couple of days before the race (given he was purchasing an already equipped custom tri bike) saying that if there was even a chance Iโ€™d use them on the course heโ€™d put them on. I told him thereโ€™s ALWAYS a chance ๐Ÿ˜‰ My test ride with them last week was iffy. I was very nervous on them, but again because of traffic, not so much worry over my ability to use them. On the closed course of the race (I LOVE closed courses! My new inspiration for entering races ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) with no worries of traffic, I spent at least half of my time in the aeros, the other 45%+ in the drops. I pushed myself hard, lap one all I cared about was ensuring bicycle.boy did NOT lap me! With his ten minute lead before I even hit the water and his much faster pace at both the swim and the bike, there was a chance heโ€™d lap me, and I was having NONE of it! This is my fasted average pace yet, and there werenโ€™t even any hills to accelerate on the descent ๐Ÿ˜‰ Saw BMan and Stella on their cool-down after the 5K race, 3 times with big smiles and waves! Hollered to Hula Girl / Jo Jo, as I passed the Zoom tent on my way in from the second bike loop.

My run was my worst placing of the three disciplines, yet consistent with my other multi-sport 5k run segments. I wanted to push it but began feeling lighted-headed, almost dizzy in the last km or so. It was the thought of seeing Jo jo and LadyJ on the home stretch that kept my head up. ๐Ÿ™‚ This light-headedness seems to be related to some shoulder/neck tension I experience, which was considerably noticeable on the run – perhaps aggravated by my new position on the bike?

Trish & Ian, after the finish (photo by: TredMiller)

We met some great people at this race (RunningManiacs: HCiD, Crash, TredMiller, Superbob, Scrumhalfgirl, BK and more!) and caught up with a few old buddies from the first Maniac CTRR team in 2006 while in Ottawa (Jacc and IG, Nick…) Overall, the long drive was worth it!

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