So, I normally run time goals now. I am not concerned about speed, only building a base distance, and my runs have been feeling great. Nothing too hard to make me question why I’m doing it, and I’m slowly working back up to a frequent running schedule after a couple of months of running abt once/week. Last week I ran 4 runs, including a 10k. Today I had intended to run 30 mins. on the treadmill to test out my new shoes, but the common room at our building was closed unbeknownst to me. I have been having to force myself out the door no matter how much I enjoy the run by the time I get home and today almost convinced myself not to go after my TM plan went amuck.

Instead I decided since it was colder than I’d realized and I was freezing, to see how fast I can run my 30 min. route. I did it in 24:40!!! Yay!

My total run including w/u & c/d: 4.9k for a 32:33 total.

I think I’m back on track for my new training schedule which currently is a 30 min run every weekday, and a Long Steady (Slow) Distance on Saturdays.

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