Company Town – a book response

Company Town *The following post contains affiliate links. TrishBlogs receives a small percentage of compensation for purchases made via these links. Company Town is a book that reminded me of an Atwood style novel. A little challenging at first, … [Continue reading]

Amazon Prime

Amazon Affiliate Product Review I am a huge advocate for shopping LOCAL. However, living in small rural communities makes it hard to buy what you want/need sometimes. Often when the item is available, there is no choice of options. I had heard about … [Continue reading]

The Way of Letting Go – a book response

The Way of Letting Go *This post contains affiliate links. TrishBlogs receives a small percentage of compensation for purchases made via these links, at no cost to the consumer. One Woman’s Walk toward Forgiveness The Way of Letting Go crosses … [Continue reading]

Making a difference, one little thing at a time… according to Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point”

Self Portrait, Reading, Book, Difference

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Since posting my 2017 Books Read list (read so far that is), I have finished nine more books.  I hope to give my response (not review), to the books, and how they have some impact on … [Continue reading]

Living “right” for health & wellness

Wellness, parenting and social media coaching

Wellness has a right/wrong?! Imagine that there is a “right” way to live. That by not living it your health and wellness suffers. Now imagine that this right way applies to every single human – regardless of age, gender, fitness level, income level, … [Continue reading]

Perfect? You are NOT the perfect parent.

Perfect parent

That's right. You are not a perfect parent. It really shouldn’t be news to you that you’re not perfect. Not perfect in general, not even a perfect parent. If it is, you may be somewhat delusional. Guess what? Those other parents. They’re not … [Continue reading]

Book list for 2017… (Books read so far)

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I used to document each  book I've read and responses to them. I'd like to get back to that. Once I get caught up, I may work backwards and share some of the responses I've had to books I've already read this year. To start I'll share my book … [Continue reading]

Are you thinking about starting a side-hustle too?

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I am always thinking about starting my own business and it seems somehow more do-able as a side-hustle. The challenge to move forward, my side-hustle I sit here contemplating the adjustments our bodies go through from to pre-op to … [Continue reading]

Do you have a plan? 10 tasks to help make blogging successful…

social media and blogging

Do you have a plan for your blog? Are your activities strategically mapped out? Or do you wing it? I originally posted this on my first self-hosted blog (ceilidhontherun), but it's one of those posts that just never seems to lose it's value - so I … [Continue reading]

When (if ever) does the end justify the means?

justify this

When (If ever?) does the end justify the means? Individuals whom I have come to know and respect believe Trump to be a good choice as President. Hearing these words upset me almost as much as the actions of this man. I’m a Canadian without a … [Continue reading]